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Glycan Array Screening at the Protein-Glycan Interaction Core
The CFG's Protein-Glycan Interaction Core (formerly Core H) uses the CFG mammalian glycan array to analyze the glycan binding specificity of investigator-generated lectins, antibodies, antisera, microorganisms, and suspected glycan-binding proteins (GBPs) of human, animal, and microbial origin. The protocols used for these analyses require samples to be fluorescently labeled in order to detect primary binding to the glycans on the array.

Mammalian Glycan Array
The current mammalian array (version 5.2) has 609 glycan targets. To generate the array, a library of natural and synthetic mammalian glycans with amino linkers is printed onto N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS)-activated glass microscope slides (SCHOTT Nexterion),forming covalent amide linkages. The printed glycan microarray format replaced the earlier ELISA-based microplate array for routine screening of GBP specificity. The printed array format has been validated by comparison to the ELISA-based array, as requested by the CFG's Steering Committee (see results here).
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Submit Compounds for Next Upgrade of the CFG Glycan Array
A primary objective of the CFG has been to increase the number and diversity of the glycans on the array to increase the coverage of natural glycan structures. To this end, the Glycan Array Synthesis Core (Core D) directed a major effort during its period of operation (2001-2011) toward preparing new N-linked and O-linked glycan cores and enzymatically elaborating them to obtain a diverse set of terminal sequences in the context of the different core structures. Core D ceased synthesis of new compounds as of December 15, 2010. However, investigators are encouraged to submit new compounds for inclusion on future versions of the microarray. If you are interested in providing compounds, please contact Ryan McBride (

Alert to investigators using the Glycan Array Screening Resource
A new 'Sample Information Management' page has been implemented for all samples being sent to the Protein-Glycan Interaction Core. This process will allow the Participating Investigators (PIs) to enter their sample information directly to the website rather than submitting the information to the Core in Microsoft Word documents.
When a request is approved by the Steering Committee, the Protein-Glycan Interaction Core will still send the PI an email, which will now contain the instructions for proceeding to the website and entering sample information. If you have any questions about these changes, please email the Protein-Glycan Interaction Core at

Pathogen Glycan Array

Request Glycan Array Screening

GBP Preparation for Analysis

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