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The CFG's Analytical Glycotechnology Core (C) is now closed. During its period of operation from 2001-2011, Core C conducted profiling of protein N- and O- linked glycans and glycolipid derived glycans from mammalian cells, with a particular focus on pure human and murine cell populations. Core C isolated, fractionated and characterized glycans and glycoconjugates using a variety of state-of-the-art analytical methods, including MALDI and ES-ionization methods, and ancillary methods such as ES-MS/MS and MALDI-TOF/TOF MS/MS to define the glycoforms present in cells and organs.

All glycan profiling data collected by Core C remains publicly available in the Glycan Profiling Data pages.

Glycan profiling analyses will be ongoing in the Dell/Haslam biopolymer mass spectrometry laboratory at Imperial College, London. Investigators interested in collaborative projects should contact Anne Dell ( or Stuart Haslam ( for details.

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