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Submit compounds for inclusion on the next upgrade of the CFG's Mammalian Glycan Array

The Consortium for Functional Glycomics' (CFG) printed glycan microarray allows glycan-binding proteins to be screened against a wide variety of glycans for binding specificity. A primary objective of the CFG has been to increase the number and diversity of the glycans on the array to increase the coverage of natural glycan sequences. To this end, the Glycan Array Synthesis Core (Core D) directed a major effort during its period of operation (2001-2011) toward preparing new N-linked and O-linked glycan cores and enzymatically elaborating them to obtain a diverse set of terminal sequences in the context of the different core structures.

The current mammalian array (version 5.0) has 611 highly diverse glycan targets. One hundred of these represent new compounds that were not available on the previous array version (v4.2).

Core D ceased synthesis of new compounds as of December 15, 2010. However, investigators are encouraged to submit new compounds for inclusion on future versions of the microarray. If you are interested in providing compounds for the array, please contact Ryan McBride ( for more information.

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